La Biosthétique

La Biosthétique has an extensive product range for both skin and scalp. From shampoos, conditioners, aromatic oils and colour conditioners, to facial creams, sun protection cosmetics and make-up. Each product complements and reinforces the effects of the other. They contain only natural ingredients, are free of animal testing and are hypoallergenic.

The full La Biosthétique range available in our salon. We can provide personal advice about which product is the right one for you. Re-order your products by email or buy them after your visit to our salon.

Nanokeratin System

Nanokeratin System has developed a unique Biomimetic technology that breaks down keratin to a micro molecular size enabling it to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. In this way, even the most unruly hair is transformed into smooth, manageable hair that is easy to style. The Hair Smoothing Therapy is formulated with patented Biomimetic ingredients, Keratin, Amino Acids and Proteins designed to add strength, moisture and manageability.

In addition to products for professional use, Nanokeratin System has developed complementary products for home treatment. These are available in our salon and can also be ordered via email.

Djarling Hair extensions

At La Maison Amsterdam we use Djarling Hair extensions. These were developed in Denmark in 1988 by Jette Djarling. These high quality hair extensions are the best on the market.

Djarling Hair extensions are made from 100% real hair and are a mix of Indian and European hair, with a strength and the softness that blends naturally and elegantly with Dutch hair.

La Maison Amsterdam gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available in various amounts that correspond to a treatment. You can give this gift to friends or family so they can spoil themselves with one of our treatments or products.

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