Brigitte is the driving force behind La Maison Amsterdam. “You come to La Maison Amsterdam because you want to look good, but it’s also about finding balance. Feeling good.” Brigitte knows what she’s talking about. After obtaining a degree in hairdressing in Amsterdam, she trained with Vidal Sassoon in London: “He was an inspiration. In London, I learned a different way of looking at hair.” At La Maison Amsterdam, Brigitte’s experience and her passion for hairdressing comes into its own. “I like giving people personal attention, I look at the big picture, and have the expertise to see what the options are for someone’s hair and what will suit the person.”



Maria is the expert in the field of hair weaves, a natural way to make hair fuller and longer using extensions. She trained at Djarling Hair in Denmark. Maria is creative and inspirational. She has mastered her craft and is committed to delivering the best. She will be happy to give you personal advice about the possibilities.



Lewis is a natural talent and has had a passion for hair from a young age. Training with Vidal Sassoon at the start of his career has given him a sound basis for precision cutting techniques. He then went on to work as a cutting expert for one of London's top salons, where he worked with discerning clients from diverse backgrounds. Having lived in different countries in Europe, Lewis has developed a broad vision on style and fashion and he is looking forward to bringing his unique experience to clients at La Maison Amsterdam.



For the best and most creative look on enchanting hair and makeup you must be at Morgan. Whether she has to do the hair design for a shoot, fashion event or a glamor hairstyle has to create for an evening out with your friends, nothing is too crazy. With each treatment, the goal is perfection. As a former Revlon Professional representative, you can understand that healthy hair and good quality of products are one of her passions. Because of this passion you can count on a beautiful and a full head of hair. Morgan strives for being first for trends and to be as unique as possible in the hairdressing world, whatever the style you want from haute couture to high street, Morgan lets you shine.



Mari is the best-known make-up artist, hair stylist and hairdresser in the Netherlands. He has practiced his craft with passion and love for over 25 years. It all started in a salon in Brabant. Here, Mari embarked on his dream. He wanted to share his creativity with the world. He has succeeded and you can book Mari as hairstylist or make-up artist at La Maison Amsterdam.



Mikki has been a hairdresser from a young age. The hairdressing profession is a passion that has been with her since birth! Mikki is from La Maison to give works the perfect look and be inspired by the creativity in our salon. She has won the Wella Trend Vision Young Award and has worked behind the scenes at Wella and various magazines. She also had her own hair salon in Haarlem. Mikki specializes in coloring, cutting and styling. As a cherry on the cake, make-up is also a specialization of hair. You can book Mikki for the 'full treatment'!



Olga is our extensions specialist and a senior cutting and coloring expert. She’s from Moldavia, where she was taught everything on hair extensions. She’s been living in The Netherlands for many years now and she has developed herself to one of the best Extensielle microrings experts in the world. She’s completely schooled according to The Culture of Total Beauty by La Biosthétique.



Sanne is an upcoming talent from the east of Holland, where she was taught the profession of cutting and coloring specialist. Now, Sanne is one of the talents at La Maison where she was schooled according to The Culture of Total Beauty by La Biosthétique.


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