Skin care against skin aging

With a holistic anti-aging concept based on the groundbreaking AGE3 Age Reversal Technology, Dermosthétique by La Biosthétique is clinically proven to affect past, present and future skin aging factors.

Rediscover Dermosthétique by La Biosthetique

As much as you wish time would stand still when it comes to aging, it’s cosmetically good that it doesn’t. The best proof is the new, industry-leading launch of the Dermosthétique skincare line.

With the major overhaul of Dermosthétique, La Biosthetique has succeeded in integrating the groundbreaking findings into particularly skin-friendly and effective formulas. The holistic Dermosthétique care concept, which combats the aging process of the skin, combines the latest biological science and highly efficient plant ingredients. The high-tech formulas reverse skin aging factors from the past, activate skin cells in the present and protect them for the future.

At the heart of each formula is AGE3 Age Reversal Technology. Plant-based ingredients such as red carrot sage reverse glycation – the bonding and solidification of collagen fibers – and restore the youthful elasticity of the skin. A phyto-peptide from tiger grass stem cells reactivates skin cells and actively reduces wrinkles. Active ingredients from rice, rosemary and brown algae protect the DNA of the skin cells against oxidative damage from the outside. In addition, hyaluronic acid provides a fresh, youthful appearance. Clinical efficacy studies prove the remarkable activity of the ingredients on the skin’s regeneration processes.

9-part skin care ritual from Dermosthétique

optimize the effect of the care products applied afterwards. Innovative lifting patches for the eyes and face, an eye cream with lifting effect and a lip balm work on all areas of the face, while special concentrates of active ingredients accompany the Dermosthétique concept as targeted problem solvers. Their exceptionally high tolerance level makes Dermosthétique products also suitable for very sensitive skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cleansing Foam

The cleansing foam with hyaluronic acid relaxes the skin through a pore-deep mild cleansing. As soft as milk and as efficient as soap, the light, airy foam cleanses so gently that it is even suitable for the eyes and for sensitive skin types. Mild surfactants based on oat proteins and moisturizing hyaluronic acid ensure this.

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Toner

The light formula with hyaluronic acid refreshes the skin after cleansing, provides invigorating hydration and prevents dryness. The pores of the moist skin remain open longer, which optimizes the receptivity to the active ingredients of the subsequent care. An extract of tiger grass regenerates and prevents skin aging.

Hydrating Concentrate of Hyaluronic Acid

The highly effective hydroconcentrate plumps the skin from within, reduces wrinkles and refines the skin texture. With long, short and ultra-short chains of hyaluronic acid, it helps the skin absorb and store maximum moisture. Red seaweed optimizes the supply of moisture, copper gluconate slows down the aging process of the collagen fibers.

Agave Inulin Lifting Concentrate

The cosmetic alternative to Botox immediately and lastingly reduces all types of wrinkles and gives the skin new energy. An active ingredient of the blue agave lies like a velvety net on the skin, immediately fills wrinkles and mattifies the complexion. Paracress supports the smoothing effect by relaxing facial features and reducing expression lines.

Vitamin C and Niacin Relieving Concentrate

The concentrated power of vitamin C and niacin reduces pigmentation disorders and ensures a balanced, clear complexion with a youthful appearance. Melanin synthesis is slowed down, oxidative damage is neutralized and excessive pigmentation is counteracted. A brightening hyaluronic acid supports the color balancing effect.

AGE3 Complex Instant Lifting Hydrogel Eye Patch

The cooling eye pillow nestles like an invisible second skin and releases its active ingredients in a targeted manner. The eye contour is provided with rich hydration, folds are filled and visibly smoothed. The active ingredient AGE3 complex reverses signs of skin aging and delays new ones by lastingly neutralizing free radicals.

AGE3 Complex Instant Lifting Hydrogel Face Patch

The cosmetic alternative Thanks to its unique hydrogel system, the cooling face mask has an intensive moisturizing effect, immediately soothes and visibly smoothes the skin. Cell regeneration is stimulated, intensively hydrated skin is visibly plumped, smoothed and protected against future signs of ageing.

AGE3 Complex Redefining Lip Balm

The lip balm nourishes the dry lip skin softly and softly. The powerful AGE3 complex reverses saccharification, neutralizes skin-aging free radicals and firms the lip contour. Valuable lipids keep sensitive skin supple, hyaluronic acid and a plankton extract bind moisture, smooth out wrinkles and increase the volume of the lips..

AGE3 Complex Lifting Eye Cream

With plenty of moisture and strong plant antioxidants, the firming eye care counteracts signs of fatigue and aging in the eyes.

The pleasantly cooling roller applicator reduces puffiness under the eyes, a combination of green tea, pomegranate and caffeine enhances the firming effect and reduces dark circles.

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