Discover the power of the Classic Shampoo Bar from La Biosthetique

La Biosthetique recently introduced a new addition to their range of hair care products – the Classic Shampoo Bar. This innovative shampoo bar offers countless benefits for the hair and…

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The 16 most asked questions about hair extensions

Are you looking for ways to give your hair more volume and length? Then hair extensions are a good solution! In this article we will answer the most important questions…

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La Biosthetique Spring Vision-collectie at La Maison

La Biosthetique Creative Team recently released its Spring Vision collection, aimed at creating fresh and vibrant looks for the spring season. The collection focuses on bright colours, bold hairstyles and…

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Hair Extensions at La Maison: more than you would expect

Hair extensions are a great way to add volume and length to hair and create a new look. However, installing hair extensions can be challenging and it is important to…

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What is so unique about hair extensions at La Maison?

If you dream of a full head of hair, but don’t have the patience or genes to achieve it, then hair extensions may be the solution for you. But with…

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Blonde Hair: Choose the Right Shade for Your Look

understand why. It gives a bright, summery look and can flatter various skin tones. However, not all blonde shades are created equal. There are different nuances, colors, and techniques that…

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Tips to strengthen hair and accelerate growth

Who doesn’t love a beautiful mane with lots of strong hair, a shiny look and a robust structure? Of course, long hair is not only genetically determined, but it can…

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BELESTHETIQUE: For skin that wants more

New from La Biosthetique: Belestetique. This new exclusive facial care reduces the signs of skin aging in a very effective and natural way. Belestetique is an anti-aging phytocomplex that combines…

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Skin care against skin aging

With a holistic anti-aging concept based on the groundbreaking AGE3 Age Reversal Technology, Dermosthétique by La Biosthétique is clinically proven to affect past, present and future skin aging factors. Rediscover…

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Do you love your hair color? Color Protection ensures that this love lasts especially long with multiple effective care and comprehensive protection. With two extremely gentle and effective product concepts…

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Beauty products for the holidays

Its sand, palms, the gently murmuring sea, sun and relaxation. These beauty products should certainly not be missing in your travel make-up bag. 1. Waterproof SPF The waterproof Soleil Creme…

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Blow-dry your hair! Proper blow drying is something you have to learn.

How do you dry your hair like the professionals at La Maison? It’s a cinch if you have a good hair dryer and know the best technique.  5 tips to…

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Heat protection from La Biosthetique for beautiful and healthy hair!

Do you often straighten or curl your hair? Without protection, the hair dries out, looks brittle and split ends develop. The hair can even break.n. With La Biosthetique’s heat protection…

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Suffering from frizzy hair? Tips from the La Biosthetique expert

Suffering from frizzy hair? The Frizz Control products from La Biosthetique are the solution. The products ensure that your freshly washed hair no longer fluffs or stands straight up! How…

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Protective Glossing Essence: smooth hair in seconds

Discover the Long Hair Protective Glossing Essence from La Biosthetique. A product that gives your hair a shimmering shine within seconds. It smooths the surface of damaged hair and provides…

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Self Tanning Drops: a healthy brown shade for a summer glow

Wouldn’t it be great to keep that tanned glow like you just got back from vacation? With the Self Tanning Drops  this is possible! With the Self Tanning Drops you…

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Soleil products: sun protection factors for skin and hair

Have you suffered sun damage or do you want to prevent this? Then we have the solution. With the soleil products from La Biosthetique you protect your hair and skin…

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Suffering from a sensitive scalp? That’s how you get rid of it!

Some people have a sensitive scalp and can be quite bothered by this. Fortunately, with the right treatments, you can make a sensitive scalp disappear. We tell you how a…

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How do hair growth disorders and hair loss arise?

When the scalp does not function properly, you can suffer from hair growth disorders and hair loss. If you treat this well you can get rid of it happily! In…

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Suffering from a damp scalp? That’s how you get rid of it!

Do you know the problem? You wash your hair, but after a few days it looks greasy again. The reason this happens so quickly is because of too much fat…

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Dandruff on the scalp, how do you get rid of it?

Having dandruff on the scalp can be very annoying, but luckily it is treatable! With the right treatments you ensure that a dandruff on your scalp is a thing of…

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